Oct 18

Game Birds: Pheasant, Partridge and Quail

I love game – whether Pheasant, Quail, Partridge, Venison or Boar.   Game meat is typically stronger in flavour than farmed meats like chicken, pork or beef.

These recipes came about when a friend turned up with a Pheasant, a pair or Partridge and four Quail.   I was unsure what to do with the feathery carcasses.   Hanging them in a locked shed for a few days seemed sensible – and an internet…

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Oct 13

Recipes: Bobotie with Marrow

cats-food-oct-2014 027

Bobotie is the national dish of South Africa and is a melange of the various food cultures of that country.   Typically you would use minced meat, lamb or beef.   You can also use minced pork if you wish or a suitable vegetarian alternative like minced Qourn.   You can get a fuller history of the dish from Wikipedia.

cats-food-oct-2014 027

The following recipe is a version I make very successfully at home in London…

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Jul 21

Food Waste

Food waste bugs me. Food producers spend millions getting food to ‘look’ just right, often sacrificing flavour and nutrition in the process.

Our lack of understanding of where food really comes from helps create mountains of food waste and an unhealthy and overweight population.

Last year, a survey of 27,500 children by the British Nutrition Foundationfound that almost a third of those aged five…

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