Jul 21

Food Waste

Food waste bugs me. Food producers spend millions getting food to ‘look’ just right, often sacrificing flavour and nutrition in the process.

Our lack of understanding of where food really comes from helps create mountains of food waste and an unhealthy and overweight population.

Last year, a survey of 27,500 children by the British Nutrition Foundationfound that almost a third of those aged five…

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Jun 11

Geraldo Pino - Power to the People

Afrobeat pioneer Geraldo Pino lived in Sierra Leone.   His supercharged funk sound came into it’s own from 1960 and into the 1970s.   Now regrettably forgotten his ensemble’s amazing music is still as vital as ever …


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Jun 09


Thidius are a South London band who make great music.   I’m also lucky to call them friends.   Here is their debut EP.

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